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6 février 2008 3 06 /02 /février /2008 22:06
ça y est, mon compte Ginger de beta testeur est activé.

Member of the galactic conspiration of widgets, we are very happy to
inform you that you have been selected to be part of the "Ginger"
private beta. This new version of Netvibes brings you some really cool
new features, and you can them test right now:

* Create your own universe
* Connect with your friends
* Star and share interesting items
* Access a catalog of more than 100.000 widgets to customize your page and universe

How to activate your Ginger account?
1. Go to http://www.netvibes.com/ and sign in with your e-mail address
and password
2. Once you are logged in, a step-by-step wizard will help you select
your universe name and complete your profile
3. That's all, you can then check the new menu bar at the top of the
page, to access the new features.
Thank you for choosing Netvibes as your personal startpage. This step
is all about preparing Netvibes for the general release that will be
in February, we count on you to help us building the coolest product
and we hope that your universe will be wild and funky. In few words,
we would really appreciate your feedback.

The official word on Twitter is "I HAZ Ginger!" If you blog about it,
don't forget to remember that it is a beta and that the product is
still in dual mode (Ginger/Coriander), so it could have some impact on

As we say in French: merci pour votre confiance, and HAZ fun with Ginger!

  The Netvibes Galactic Team

merci à l'équipe de Netvibes

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